Battery 12V 12Ah or Extra Range 12V 14Ah

For your scooter or wheelchair, choose either the standard 12V 12AH battery for economy, or the 12V 14AH battery for extra mileage. Both batteries give the same power, but the 14Ah battery will last longer before it needs recharging, giving you more than 16% extra mileage. The batteries are the same physical size, 151 x 99 x 100mm and have the same standard push-fit connectors.

These sealed, non-spillable lead acid batteries use the latest generation of advanced glass mat (AGM) battery technology to provide exceptional service life and reliability.

Scooter and wheelchair batteries should normally be replaced as a pair.

VAT-free when fitted

Batteries are eligible for VAT relief when we supply and fit them, but we have to charge VAT if we supply them for you to fit yourself.