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We are sorry to announce that the Scotgate Mobility Shop is closing down for good at the end of October

It has been a real pleasure for us to be part of the Stamford retail community providing a mobility service for so many lovely customers, but the impact of the coronavirus has been so great that it is simply no longer viable for us to continue.

All our stock is now discounted and there are excellent bargains available including mobility aids and bathroom equipment. Cosyfeet and Sandpiper wide fitting shoes and and slippers are way below noermal price and we still have stock on some beautiful walking sticks that would make excellent gifts. Why not come in and see us or browse our website?


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Christmas opening 2019

We wish all our customers a very happy Christmas!

  • We are open as normal until Monday 23rd December
  • Closing for Christmas at 4pm on Christmas eve.
  • We will be reopening on Thursday 2nd January.

If you need a last-minute Christma gift, why not try our wonderful comfortable slippers by Cosyfeet and Sandpiper. They have secure velcro straps, are supportive around the heel and have a wide fit to accommodate swollen feet or problem toes. They are designed to be comfortable, warm and safe.

Men’s and Ladies styles are in stock now!

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Low vision and lighting

Lighting and vision - reading book

Declining vision affects almost everyone as they age. As eyes age, less light reaches the retina and light may be more scattered, reducing contrast and making objects more difficult to see. Most people aged 60 need at least three times more light than when they were 20, so high brightness lights are helpful for all older people as well as those diagnosed with low vision.

Low Vision and Age-related macular degeneration(AMD)

Low vision (visual impairment) is the condition when sight can’t be corrected with glasses or by any medical treatment. A common cause of low vision is age-related macular degeneration. This affects the middle part of vision, making it difficult to read and recognise faces. It doesn’t cause total blindness and is often first noticed by people in their 50s and 60s.


Good lighting can make the most of sight by increasing contrast and clarity. It can make it easier to carry out everyday tasks and help you stay independent, moving safely around your home.

General lighting should give even illumination, avoiding shadows and dark areas. Brightness levels should be similar in adjacent rooms to avoid your eyes having to adjust when moving between well lit and significantly darker areas.

Task lighting directs light where it is needed for detailed activities. Even with good general light levels in a room, the amount of light available may not be adequate for close-up tasks such as reading, writing, eating, preparing food and hobbies such as woodwork or sewing.

Our high brightness lamps are are perfect for task lighting. They are easy to adjust, to make the lighting exaactly as you need. They include these important features:

  • Adjustable brightness
  • Adjustable colour
  • Flexible stem to adjust direction

Lighting products

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Mobility Hire for Visitors

Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair, Self PropelIf you have a relative visiting Stamford who struggles with mobility, why not hire a wheelchair or scooter from Scotgate Mobility. We are conveniently located along Scotgate a few yards from Red Lion Square (next to the pay and display car park). Hire for a day from just £5.

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Wide roomy footwear

We’ve recently been appointed as a stockist of Sandpiper wide fitting shoes, sandals and boots including shoes, slippers and socks for diabetics, making us the only stockist of this speciailist footwear in the area.

Sandpiper footwear

A selection is  listed in this website, but the best way to be sure of a proper fit is to come  into our shop and let us help you. There are wide fittings from 4E to 6E and special features mean we can fit diabetic or swollen, wide and difficult feet.

Sandpiper wide fitting Sandals, Shoes and Boots, are in addition to our range of Cosyfeet extra-roomy footwear, with fitting width of EEEEEE for ladies and HHH for men.perfect for swollen and wide feet. 

Cosyfeet extra roomy footwear

If you need comfortable extra wide fitting shoes, or have special requirements for swollen feet, do come in and try our ranges.

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Happy Christmas from Scotgate Mobility

Christmas Gift Ideas

We stock wonderful comfortable slippers by Cosyfeet and Sandpiper. They have secure velcro straps, are supportive around the heel and have a wide fit to accommodate swollen feet or problem toes. They are designed to be comfortable, warm and safe. Men’s and Ladies styles in stock now!

How about a new ergonomic rollator with a useful shopping bag, or an easily foldable fashionable walking stick?

If your relative has difficulty with hearing or vision we have an easy to read clock, magnifiers and big button phones with amplification.

We have a selection of well designed, practical daily living aids such as an easy pour kettle, reachers, sock donners, wheat warmers and blue badge holders.


We have a collection of rise and recline chairs and fireside chairs available in the shop. A well-suited chair will give proper support while seated and can incorporate specialised features such as a raised leg-rest, power-assisted recline, and a rising mechanism to safely lift the user to a standing position.

During Christmas week we are open as follows:

  • Saturday 22nd December 9 – 12
  • Monday 24th December 9 – 12
  • Tuesday 25th December – Tuesday 1st January – Closed
  • Open as normal from Wednesday 2nd January

Come and talk to us about your mobility needs!



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Falling Poppies Display

We have created a shop window display to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War, ‘Falling Poppies’. A family friend made 50 poppies from felt which are pinned to a green backdrop in a waterfall effect. The Stamford branch of the Royal British Legion have given us a box of poppies to sell in the shop to support the Poppy Appeal. Come and buy your poppy here! We also have some big poppies to go on the front of your mobility scooter!

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Gold Standard for Scotgate Mobility

Scotgate Mobility has been awarded the Gold Standard for compliance with the British Healthcare Trades Association code of practice.

The company had to undergo a rigorous audit to check that all its systems and procedures comply. There are various levels of award from bronze to silver to gold and the firm passed all the testing with flying colours to achieve the gold award.

Elderly and vulnerable customers are advised to deal with companies who are members of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). The code of conduct is endorsed by Trading Standards UK. It goes above and beyond consumer law obligations and sets a higher standard, showing consumers clearly that code members can be trusted. For example, high pressure selling techniques are banned under the scheme. BHTA members cannot cold call or mis-sell.  Products may only be supplied where there is a genuine need. Any claims made about a product must be genuine and truthful and must not give rise to false expectations.

Katy Brown, Managing Director said ‘We take customer care extremely seriously. We will always make sure the product is right for the customer and that it does exactly what they expect it to do. We are a small family firm with plans to expand. Our shop is located in Stamford’s historic conservation area, so we feel part of the community. The audit was also useful in pointing out things we will need to continue to focus on as we grow.’