We care about this!

As a small, owner-managed business we care passionately about customer service. We are full members of the British Healthcare Trades Association, meaning we subscribe to high standards in specifying and supplying healthcare products. This is backed by an independent complaints process if you ever need it.

We all know that things can sometimes go wrong, and while we hope you won’t need our complaints procedure, we set it out here so you can see how it works and what to expect

Complaints procedure

If you are not satisfied with product or have any other complaint about the service we provide, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can address the problem.

Is my complaint valid?

For a complaint about a product, please firstly check that your complaint is valid. For example, you should have:

  • Told us exactly what you wanted the product/service for and what you expected it to do.
  • Given us all relevant information about yourself at the time of purchase.
  • Read the paperwork.
  • Followed the instructions.


  • We say exactly what the product could and could not do?
  • You feel pressurised into making a decision?
  • We offer any alternative product/service at the time?
  • We meet promised timescales (for delivery etc)?

If you feel you did everything you should and the answer to one or more of these questions is “no” then your complaint may be valid and you should pursue the matter.


Contact us either by coming into the shop personally, or use the details on our contact page to get in touch by phone or email. Please address any formal complaint to our Managing Director, Ms Katy Brown, including the nature and details of the complaint, and your own contact information.


We take any complaints very seriously and will deal with them promptly. We will normally adhere to the following timescales:

  • Telephone call indicating there is a problem – within 2 working days
  • Letter, fax or email – within 5 working days


If we aren’t able to resolve the matter you have the right to contact the Code Administrator of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) who will follow the procedure for conciliation and, if need be, independent arbitration.