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Focus on Mobility (FOM)

Nowadays, due to press and other media attention, we all understand that it is important to maintain our physical mobility along with good diet and sufficient sleep. Loss of mobility can be gradual, e.g. through advancing years, or imposed, as through an accident or disability, and people may not realise for some time, that they are becoming less active. Often too, it is not realised that other losses follow from this – loss of sociability, independence, a full life, and good health. This is why it is so essential to focus on our mobility and to understand the gains that can be made by maintaining it:

* FOM can help people retain the personal freedoms they take, or once took, for granted. The loss of these freedoms can undermine confidence and a sense of self-worth essential to our well-being.

* FOM can give people the insights they need to achieve their goals – whether that is becoming less housebound, pursuing a favourite activity, increased independence about the house and garden, or becoming more socially active in their community.

* FOM leads to an enhanced quality of life which many people now demand and expect, and are determined to achieve. A happy and successful lifestyle is important at any age and there should be little or no need to compromise on this just because we are older or have a disability. Meeting personal goals and achievements is important at all levels of ability and stages of life. We can’t all become Olympic athletes, but we can take inspiration from their exploits, and think how we might improve our mobility and quality of life!

So get your skates on and call in to see the newly refurbished shop, Scotgate Mobility, (next to Scotgate car park in Stamford), to see how the people and products there can help you achieve your personal goals!

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