Buying Safely

BHTA and trading standards logoWhen you buy the equipment that is right for you, it can make a real difference to your quality of life, giving you freedom and independence.

Get Wise to Buying Safely (pdf file) is a free step-by-step guide, designed to help you make that right choice. It is produced independently of us by the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). It covers matters to help you be sure about:

  • What you need
  • Where to buy
  • How much to pay
  • What to do if things go wrong
  • Where to get help

Scotgate Mobility Ltd are members of BHTA, which means we are bound by the Association’s Code of Practice, and our compliance with the Code is monitored. There are lots of things that we have to do to protect you to remain a member, but here are a few things that you won’t have to deal with if you choose to buy from us.

  • You won’t find yourself being pressurized into buying something that you don’t need or that doesn’t suit you
  • You won’t have to spend hours trying to get rid of a salesman in your own home
  • You won’t end up spending £1000s more than you need to
  • You won’t end up buying a product where assessment is essential for safe use without being offered a professional assessment to make sure it is exactly right for your own circumstances
  • You won’t end up paying for something that you don’t receive if the company has a problem