Walking sticks

Fashionable and orthopaedic

Fashionable walking stickA reassuring support to help you balance and feel safer – walking sticks are also a practical aid for country walks and a great fashion accessory in town.

We have a good selection of quality traditional town and country walking sticks, fashionable and folding walking sticks as well as orthopaedic walking sticks that can be supplied free of VAT. There are sizes to suit the height and weight of the user and a selection of handle types.

Walking stick handles

Read on to see more about the main styles of walking stick handles and their benefits.

Crook handle

Walking stick crook handle
Crook handle

Provides good everyday support.

This traditional style is handy to hook over an arm or the back of a chair. The crook can be held in either hand with the stick facing either forwards or backwards.

Derby handle

Walking stick derby handle
Derby handle

Provides good support and balance and is more comfortable to the hand than a crook. Our derby handles are rounded for comfort, not flat-sided.

Used in either hand, the user’s weight is carried directly over the shaft of the stick and the hand is supported so it can neither slip forward nor back. Stylish hooked shape can hang over the arm or the back of a chair.

Petite handle

Petite walking stick handle
Petite handle

The petite handle is an elegant variation on the derby handle for users with smaller hands.  It provides good support and balance, and is recommended for users who find it easier to grip and safer than the derby handle.

Fischer orthopaedic handle

Fischer orthopaedic walking stick handle
Fischer orthopaedic handle

For users with arthritis, rheumatism or other hand problems, this style is highly recommended. It provides excellent support and spreads the user’s weight comfortably across the palm of the hand. It is available left- or right-handed and suits most hand sizes.

This handle was designed by the renowned Austrian arthritis specialist, Dr Fischer.

Anatomic handle

Anatomic walking stick handle
Anatomic handle

The anatomic handle provides excellent orthopaedic support and for people with smaller hands, it may be more comfortable than the Fischer handle. Unlike the Fischer orthopaedic, this handle curves slightly downwards at the back and reduces pressure on the heel of the palm.

Left- or right-handed versions are available and the user’s weight is carried directly over the shaft of the stick.

The ‘Relax-grip’ handle

Relax grip walking stick handle
Relax grip handle

The Relax-grip handle is an elegant style of orthopaedic handle, suitable for large and small hands. It provides excellent support at the front, where it is designed to prevent the hand slipping forwards.


Swan neck walking stick
Swan neck

The swan-neck is a contemporary design, named for the curved shape of the stick, which is usually aluminium. The handle itself is usually a tubular shape, cushioned with foam for a soft-grip feel.

The user’s weight is carried directly over the shaft of the stick, making it suitable for orthopaedic use by those who need to place a fair amount of weight on their stick.

Thumb Stick

Thumb stick walking stick
Thumb stick

The Thumb stick is a traditional, country handle.  It is formed when the shoot of wood divides in a natural ‘V’.  It is held with the user’s thumb resting in the ‘V’ and their other fingers clasped around the neck of the stick.  Thumb sticks with naturally wide ‘V’s can also be used as elbow rests.  Highly sought-after, the thumb stick is a classic British country stick.


Knob handle walking stick
Knob stick

A traditional British walking stick, the knobstick is made from coppiced wood, usually ash, hazel or blackthorn.  The original tree is cut back, and the resultant shoots form the raw material for walking sticks. The ‘knob’ handle is formed from the parent tree, so that the walking stick is in effect grown upside down.

A good knobstick fits comfortably into the palm of the hand.

Hiking staff

Hicking staff handle
Hiking staff

The hiking staff is a simple, straight wood shaft, usually fitted with a wrist loop. The user grasps it with their palm and fingers wrapped firmly around the staff.

It is used to aid balance, especially over rough terrain, rather than support for anyone with difficulty in walking.

Shepherds’ crook

Shepherds crook stick handle
Shepherds crook

Traditionally used by shepherds when herding their flock; the crook handle makes the stick easy for the shepherd to wield, and can also be used for catching sheep around the neck.  Variations include the ‘Leg Cleek’ which has a narrower crook, and is used for catching sheep around the leg.  Many shepherd’s crooks are used for everyday country walks and more ornate versions are popular as gifts and presentation items.

Pistol grip

Pistol grip walking stick
Pistol grip

The pistol grip handle is loosely based on the off-set shape of a pistol handle.  Like the rustic knobstick, it fits comfortably into the palm of the hand and makes a formal yet practical walking stick suitable for everyday use.