Mid-range Mobility Battery

We recommend our XC-BAT-BB35 12V 35Ah batteries for your mobility vehicle.

These sealed, non-spillable lead acid batteries use the latest generation of advanced glass mat (AGM) battery technology to provide exceptional service life and reliability

The battery size is (L) 197mm x (W) 131mm x (H) 180mm and are direct replacements for the batteries fitted as standard to your vehicle. Some scooters are upgraded with larger battery cases to take higher capacity batteries, so if in doubt, please make sure that that these are the same size as the batteries you are replacing.

Scooters and wheelchairs use two batteries that should normally be replaced as a pair. Other products such as stairlifts may need only a single battery.

VAT-free when fitted

Batteries are eligible for VAT relief when we supply and fit them, but we have to charge VAT if we supply them for you to fit yourself.