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New fleet of funky rollators!

Scotgate Mobility is proud be a regional stockist of the Topro range of rollators from Norway. A rollator is a wheeled walking aid, often with an integral seat and shopping basket, suitable for somebody who can’t manage with just a stick but still wants to be independent.

Katy Brown from Scotgate Mobility says ‘I watched a lady walking along pushing a shopping trolley which she was evidently using as a walking aid. She was leaning over to reach the handle and with every step she was weaving and constantly having to correct the direction of this trolley. It was going much too fast as there was no braking mechanism. She looked as though she was in danger of tripping and probably walked twice the distance necessary as she wended her way along. Please, if you care for an older person, let them know that things can be improved with the provision of the correct aids.’

One of the most practical and stylish rollators available, the Topro is ergonomically designed to help you to stand straighter, rather than leaning over to reach the handles. Handbrakes mean that you can adjust the speed to suit your pace. The rugged wheels are suitable for Stamford’s uneven pavements and kerbs and can be removed for cleaning. The integral seat enables you to have a rest whenever you need to, meaning you are less restricted as to where you can get to.

Katy says ‘A customer recently bought a Topro rollator to take on holidays. She is going to Beamish Open-Air Museum and knows there will be a lot of walking, but with the Topro she will be able to get around easily on uneven paths and have a rest whenever needed, rather than having to look for a bench, which could be full on a busy day. She will be able to put her handbag and packed lunch in the zipped shopping bag meaning there is less to carry too.’

The Topro is made of lightweight aluminium, so is easy to lift and transport. The handles fold down to fit into a car and it folds flat so does not take up too much space indoors. It is supplied in a choice of five funky colours – white, turquoise, silver, pink or red and has a stylish matching shopping bag.

To view the new fleet, please visit Scotgate Mobility, 9 Scotgate, Stamford, PE9 2YB or have a look on the website:

The shop is open Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm and Saturday morning 9am – 12pm. Telephone 01780 763276.

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