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Pre-owned scooters from £295

Scooters on display in our archway
Scooters on display in our archway

Lightweight car boot scooters to full road-going models. A selection is usually on display in our archway, through from the Scotgate car park.

There are more inside.

  • All used mobility scooters are fully serviced and guaranteed.

Come and browse our stock!

2 thoughts on “Pre-owned scooters from £295

  1. Hello.
    I’m looking for a second hand mobility scooter capable of going off road please. Puncture proof tyres.

    Do you have anything available please or are you able to source one please.

    1. Hello Marilyn, Thank you for your message.

      You might like to have a look at the very good pre-owned TGA Mystere we currently have in stock.
      It’s not primarily an off-roader, but it is a very solid roadgoing scooter with off-road capability. It has 4inch (100mm) ground clearance and 12inch (300mm) pneumatic tyres with puncture sealant.

      If you are local, the best thing is to come in and see us at the shop. You can test -drive the scooter, and if you prefer something different, we can talk in more detail about what you want. We can apply puncture sealant to any pneumatic tyres to provide protection.

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