12V Mobility Battery 151 x 99 x 100mm

£29.99£42.84 incl VAT

Sealed batteries for mobility scooters or wheelchairs.

  • Size 151 x 99 x 100mm
  • Spillproof and maintenance-free
  • 12 month guarantee

Select the standard 12Ah battery for economy, or the 14Ah battery for extra range.

Note that batteries should normally be replaced in pairs.



For your scooter or wheelchair, choose either the standard 12V 12AH battery for economy, or the 12V 14AH battery for extra range. The 14Ah battery will give you more than 16% extra mileage. Both batteries are the same physical size, 151 x 99 x 100mm and have the same standard push-fit connectors.

Scooter and wheelchair batteries should normally be replaced as a pair. Other products such as stairlifts may need only a single battery.

VAT-free when fitted

Batteries are eligible for VAT relief when we supply and fit them, but if we supply them for you to fit yourself, we have to charge VAT.

These batteries fit the following scooters:

Advanced Vehicle Concepts
Quingo Air,

AirLite, Dynamo, Eclipse, Zoom,

Cavendish Healthcare
Supascoota (Heavy Duty),


Drive Medical Ltd
Geo Micro, Kite, Mercury Prism 3, Mercury Prism 4, PowerStroll S-Drive, Powerstroll U Drive, Prism, Scout 3, Scout Deluxe 3 & 4,

Electric Mobility
355XL, ECO 4, Lightway 4, Lightway 4 +, Lightway 6, Lightway 8, Lightway Balance, Lightway Balance +, MICROBALANCE, P321, PARTNER STD, Rascal Ultralight 480, Rascal Ultralight 765, Veo, WEGO,

Mini Ranger,

Esprit Action 4NG, Lynx, Solar,

Kudos Megalite 4, Kudos Megalite 6, Kudos Megalite 8, Kudos Megalite EQ,

Micro ForU,

Patterson Medical

Pride Mobility Products
Elite Traveller 3 Whl, Elite Traveller 4 Whl, GO GO ES8, Go Chair, Go Go, Go Go Elite Traveller, Go Go Elite Traveller LX, Go Go Ultra, GoGo Elite Traveller Sport, Jazzy Go Chair, Libre, Sonic,

Roma Medical
Shoprider Mikra,

Cameo, Corella, Vegas, Whisper,

Sunrise Medical Ltd
Sterling Melody, Sterling Pearl, Sterling Ruby, Sterling little Gem 3&4,

Eclipse Std, Minimo,

Van Os Medical
Travelux Starlite, Travelux Zoom Mini,