Age UK Disposable Bed Pads Maxi Absorb Extra 90 x 90cm, Pack of 25

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Disposable incontinence bed pads help to keep the user comfortable and protects the mattress.
  • Size 90 x 90cm (36 x 36 inches)

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The Age UK Maxi Absorb Bed Pad has a 100% fluid proof backing and a soaker layer that draws liquid from the surface to keep the user dry in the event of a liquid accident.
Disposable incontinence bed pads can be used alone or in addition to body worn products to provide additional protection for the mattress while helping to keep the user comfortable. The bed pad is placed on top of the bottom sheet and under the waist and thighs. The embossed surface helps to absorb moisture and disperse any liquid through the pad to allow the surface to stay dry. Waterproof backing provides complete protection for the mattress.

Size 90 x 90cm (36 x 36 inches)