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Compression Stocking Aid

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Compression stocking aid makes it easier to stretch the stocking over the foot and helps to pull it up without bending.

  • Easily stretch the stocking over the foot and leg
  • Reduces bending
  • Increases independence whilst dressing

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Compression stockings can be difficult to put on as they require a lot of hand and arm strength to stretch over your foot and leg, and also requires you to bend over to reach the foot. This compression stocking aid will make it easier if you have difficulty bending forward, or stretching them to put over your legs

The stocking is held open by the plastic coated steel frame, so the foot can easily be inserted, and handles enable it to be pulled up without bending down. Simply stretch the stocking over the column, insert toes and pull up with a continuous motion.

Stocking Aids reduce bending and increase independence whilst dressing.

The inside column width is 100mm (4inches) across.


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