Deluxe Kitchen/Shower Seat Adjustable Height Padded Back

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Perching seat can be used semi-standing without bending the knees

  • Height-adjustable
  • Can be used in shower
  • Arm rests facilitate sitting down and standing up.

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Comfortable perching stools for bathroom, shower or kitchen provide seated support in a semi standing position. With padded arms that facilitate sitting down and standing up.

Hygienic, flame retardant and water impermeable polyurethane upholstery has an anti-slip surface. Unique seat profile provides correct pressure distribution, good posture and ultimate comfort wile remaining non-slip.

Frame is plastic coated steel and fitted with non-marking ferrules

Adjustable Height: 20 to 26 inches (52 to 67cm)

Width 23 inch (58cm)

Depth 16 inch (41cm)

Seat width 14 inch (36cm)

Seat depth 11 inch (29cm)

Weight capacity 165kg (26st)

Weight 3.7kg (8lb)