Duo desk or floor lamp

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This neat lamp is twice as bright as a normal reading lamp

  • 2 levels of brightness
  • 2 colour settings
  • Desk clamp or floor standing

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Help for ageing eyes!

By the age of 60 only a third of available light reaches the back of your eyes, so you need brighter light for reading and close work.

This efficient LED lamp produces 900 lumen (equivalent to a 75W bulb) and can be switched down to 160 lumen (15W bulb). White light for readinding and intesne work, warm light for relaxation. It consumes just 8W.

Technical info

  • Light output: 900 lumen maximum.
  • Colour: warm white or cold white.
  • State of the art technology with 72 LEDs.
  • Average life 50,000 hours (That’s more than 20 years in normal use).
  • Energy-saving, just 8W power consumption.
  • EU energy rated A+++
  • Max overall height, 180cm. Height on desk 96cm. Weight 2 kg.

Switch to warm white light during the evening to avoid disturbing your sleep pattern.

Light colour and sleep

Bright white light triggers production of the hormone serotonin – the ‘wake-up’ hormone. It can help improve attention and also impacts on the body’s biological clock.

Use a bright white light setting in the morning to get the day off to a bright start, then switch to warm yellow-white during the evening to improve relaxation and avoid disturbing your sleep pattern.