Fashionable Walking Stick, Red Grapes Pattern, Adjustable 77 – 100cm

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Elegant, and fashionable walking stick

  • Comfortable and secure moulded derby handle
  • Height adjustable 77 to 100cm (about 30.5 to 39.5 inches)
  • Lightweight but strong

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A very fashionable elegant walking stick with a comfortable derby handle.

The aluminium shaft is height adjustable between 77 and 100cm (approximately 30.5 to 39.5 inches) making it suitable for a wide variety of users’ heights.

The pattern of red grapes with green vine leaves on a white background extends all over on both on the supportive derby handle and on the aluminium shaft.

Used in either hand, the user’s weight is carried directly over the shaft of the stick and the hand is supported so it can neither slip forward nor back. Stylish hooked shape can hang over the arm or the back of a chair.

Fitted with a non-slip rubber ferrule.  Ferrule diameter 16mm.

Item weight is 315g.