Fischer Orthopaedic Handle Walking Stick, Black/Marbled, Left Hand 80 – 100cm

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Strong orthopaedic walking stick provides everyday support for users with with limited grip.

  • Non-slip moulded Fischer handle for left hand use
  • Does not require grip for support – weight is supported by the palm of the hand
  • Height adjustable from 80 – 100cm (about 31.5 to 39 inches)

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This tough, practical walking stick provides support and security for users with with limited grip due to arthritis, rheumatism or similar conditions. The non-slip handle, designed by renowned arthritis specialist, Dr Fischer, is moulded to fit the hand comfortably with the users weight spread across the palm of the hand rather than relying upon the grip of a hand for support.

The handle on this model is moulded for left-hand use, and a right-hand version is also available (both types are shown in the photo). The orthopaedic walking sticks are often purchased in pairs.

The orthopaedic handle is made from non-slip plastic, in a greyish marbled effect. The strong aluminium shaft is finished in black  and is height adjustable from 80 – 100cm (about 31.5 to 39 inches).

Fitted with a rubber ferrule and a smart metal collar.  Ferrule diameter 19mm.  Item weight is 400g.