Folding Handbag Stick, Claret Floral, Wrist Loop, Quilted Bag, Adj. 84 – 92cm

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Compact handbag-sized folding walking stick.

  • Folds to five sections instead of the usual four
  • Comfortable wood handle
  • Height adjustable to 81-89cm (about 32 to 35inches)
  • Supplied with carrying wallet

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A glamorous and discreet folding walking stick with an elegant, claret red quilted bag.

It folds to five sections to fit neatly into a pocket or bag and the easily operated ‘easy-joints’ ensure a sleek appearance. Height adjustable between 84-92cm (about 33 to 36inches). Fitted with a smart wrist loop and black non-slip rubber ferrule.

The pattern features small white and orange flowers on a claret red background.

Ferrule diameter 16mm. Item weight is 400g.