Gel Hand Therapy Balls 5 resistance strengths

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Exercise hands to improve grip and finger strength



Gel exercise balls help to improve grip strength, hand endurance, dexterity, muscular tone and fine and gross motor skills. They can be used to work all of the muscles in your fingers, hands and forearm.

The 2-inch (50mm) diameter balls fit readily in the hand. They are made from a pleasant to hold gel that allows the user to crush and squeeze the ball tightly. When the user releases the ball it returns to its original form ready to repeat.  They are also easy to clean with warm water or soapy water.

These Gel Ball Hand Exercisers are available in five colour-coded and calibrated levels of resistance:

  • extra-soft (pink), 15 degree
  • soft (blue), 20 degree
  • medium (green), 25 degree
  • firm (orange), 30 degree
  • extra firm (black), 35 degree