High Brightness Floor Standing Lamp

£72.00 incl VAT

For serious readers, visually impaired users, or those with macular degeneration, this lamp delivers the brightness you need.

  • 5 levels of brightness
  • 5 colour settings
  • Handy remote control

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Help for ageing eyes!

By the age of 60 only a third of available light reaches the back of your eyes, so older people need a brighter light for reading and close work. This lamp can deliver three times more light than normal reading lamps – equivalent to a 150W incandescent bulb, but the LEDs consume just 12W.

It produces a clear white light for good colour rendering, or a softer warm yellow for relaxing or watching TV. Five brightness levels and five colour settings are easily selected with the handy remote control.

The adjustable high brighnes makes it ideal for users with with macular degeneration or other conditions reulting in low vision.

Technical specification

  • Light output: 1600 lumen maximum
  • Colour: warm yellow to cold white (3000K-6000K).
  • State of the art technology with 72 LEDs.
  • Average life 50,000 hours.
  • Flicker-free and cool to touch.
  • Energy-saving, just 12W power consumption.
  • EU energy rated A+++
  • Max overall height, 180cm. Weight 2.6kg

Light colour and sleep

Bright white light triggers production of the hormone serotonin – the ‘wake-up’ hormone. It can help improve attention and also impacts on the body’s biological clock.

Use a bright white light setting in the morning to get the day off to a bright start, then switch to warm yellow-white during the evening to improve relaxation and avoid disturbing your sleep pattern.