Mobility Scooter Battery 12V 10Ah

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Replacement scooter battery 12V 10Ah capacity.

Dimensions: (L) 115mm x (W) 65mm x (H) 114mm

Note that batteries should normally be replaced in pairs

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Sealed, non-spillable lead acid battery suitable as a replacement battery for any brand of mobility scooter or power wheelchair using AGM or gel batteries. Known to fit the following scooters:

AirLite 3, Alcora, Altea, Altea 3, Altea 4, Bobcat X 3 & 4, Little Star, Luggie Fold A-Way, Sterling little Star

Fully guaranteed.

This range of batteries uses the latest generation of advanced glass mat (AGM) battery technology to provide exceptional service life and reliability for applications such as mobility scooters and power wheelchairs in a maintenance-free package.

  • Fully rechargeable
  • Excellent mechanical resistance to shock and vibration
  • Leak resistant, even when used upside down
  • High current output, deep discharge cycle
  • Very low self-discharge
  • 12 month guarantee against manufacturing defect

The batteries are approved as non-hazardous for air transport by the International Airline Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Note that some of the latest scooters are now using lithium batteries. These sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are not a replacement for lithium batteries.

Usage note

Optimum life is achieved if the batteries are regularly charged, even if the scooter or powerchair is not being used.

  • Fully charge the batteries before first using them.
  • Never allow batteries to run completely flat.
  • If you use your mobility scooter or wheelchair every day, recharge the batteries every day.
  • If you use it weekly, when recharge when you have finished using it.
  • Every two months, let the batteries discharge until the battery gauge shows a low charge, then fully recharge them.
  • If you are storing your scooter for more than 6 weeks, fully charge the batteries and then disconnect them. Check and recharge the batteries monthly.

Remember that most scooter and wheelchair batteries need several charge-discharge cycles to get to their full capacity.

Suitability: This is a direct replacement battery for the following scooters.

AirLite 3,

Drive Medical Ltd
Bobcat X 3 & 4,

Luggie Fold A-Way,

Alcora, Altea, Venice,

Sunrise Medical Ltd
Sterling little Star,