Motion Sensing Amber Nightlight

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This nightlight automatically turns on when motion is detected in the dark.

  • Soft amber glow does not disturb your sleep pattern
  • Battery operated – ideal for bathrooms
  • No installation required

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This nightlight is perfect for use in the bathroom as it has no mains connection. Simply stick it to the tiling with the double-sided tape provided.

It turns on when motion is detected and shuts off again if no further motion is detected after 30 seconds.

The LED gives a soft amber light and uses very little power. One set of batteries lasts a full year for most users.

Includes fixing bracket and screws, double-sided tape, A set of 4 AA batteries (not included) lasts approximately 12 months.

Why amber light?

Research has found that bright white light triggers production of the hormone serotonin – the ‘wake-up’ hormone and it also impacts on the body’s biological clock.

Amber light does not disturb your sleep pattern,  so we stock these nightlights with a gentle amber glow.