National Gallery Folding Walking Stick, Bosschaert, Adjustable 82 – 92cm

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We think this is probably the finest folding floral walking stick available. It is produced under licence from the National Gallery in London.

  • Features ‘A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase’ by Bosschaert.
  • Lightweight, foldable and height-adjustable
  • Comfortable derby handle

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The stunning National Gallery collection of walking sticks is produced under licence from The National Gallery in London.

This classic height-adjustable folding walking cane is produced by a leading UK manufacturer and is decorated with ‘A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase’ by Bosschaert. The original painting was created in 1609-1610 by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder, 1573-1621 and is one of The National Gallery’s best-loved paintings.

The four-section folding cane has a comfortable derby handle, non-slip rubber ferrule and is height adjustable between 82 to 92cm (about 32 to 36 inches), making it suitable for a wide variety of users’ heights. Folds down to about 28cm (11 inches).

Item weight: 420g. Ferrule diameter: 19mm.

The National Gallery range includes Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Stubbs’ s Whistlejacket and Bosschaert’s A Still Life Of Flowers in a Wan Li Vase.