Relaxing Belt Bath Lift

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  • Touch-button control lowers you safely right to the bottom of your bath
  • Touch the raise button to be gently lifted up again
  • Powered by rechargeable battery for complete safety

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Relaxing belt bath lift provides touch-button control to lower you safely right to the bottom of your bath, so you can lie back and have a good soak. You only have to touch the raise button to be gently lifted up again.

The lift seat is a sleeved polypropylene band that retracts into the wall-fixed unit. The band goes over the side of the bath and locks into a floor mounted bracket. You sit on the sleeve to be gently lowered into the bath, and as the band is retracted, it slides through the sleeve to lift you back up.

The slim wall-fixed unit includes a motor powered by a rechargeable battery pack that extends or retracts the band on a roller. The lift is controlled by touch buttons on the unit or on the waterproof remote control that is also included. When the bath lift is not in use the belt can be drawn right into the unit, so the bath is available for other users.

The main unit has a built-in handrail to steady you as you are lifted in and out of the bath. The display shows the water temperature to help avoid the danger of scalding.

For complete safety, the lift is powered from a battery pack that is recharged outside the bathroom. If the battery is low, a red light and audible alert warn you and the system won’t lower you into the bath unless there’s enough power to lift you out again.

User requirements

Maximum user weight 20 stone (127kg).

To use the belt bath lift independently, you need to be able to lift your legs over the side of the bath and to have good sitting balance. The belt slides through the sleeve under you, so with this belt bath lift, you don’t need to adjust your position to keep yourself central on the band. The hand rail on the main unit helps to provide balance and an optional back rest can provide further support.


The main unit must be fixed securely to the wall beside the bath, and a bracket fixed to the floor to take the end of the belt. There is no electrical installation and the bath lift can be installed by a competent bathroom fitter or an experienced builder. We can arrange complete installation and fitting for you, within our service area.


Maximum user weight: 127 kg (20 stone)

Belt: Reinforced Polypropylene. For safety the belt cannot be reversed

Dimensions: Main unit is 555mm x 325mm x 118mm. (22 x 13 x 4.6 inches)

Power: 24V sealed rechargeable battery pack that can be removed for charging.

Charger: A separate mains charger for use outside the bathroom is included

Weight: 11kg. Packaged weight 15.9kg

Manufactured in UK.