Topro Troja Classic Rollator

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£199 with VAT relief

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Perfect wheeled walker for travel by car, taxi, bus or plane.

  • Very easy to fold
  • Stands on its wheels when folded
  • Good braking action
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


Quality Norwegian design and styling

We think this is one of the best rollator walking aids on the market. The elegant design has been well tested and refined to make it very easy, safe and reliable to use.

Elegant and practical

Plastic coated aluminium tube and plastic couplings make it lightweight and robust. It folds with a simple pull cord on the seat and the adjustable-height handlebars can be folded down. A unique design feature sets them back to the right height when they are unfolded.

The rollator stands securely on its wheels when folded and it is very practical to transport.

Safe and reliable

This rollator has excellent brakes, a kerb lifter and edge guard, so it is very easy to negotiate thresholds and kerbs.  Quality ball bearing wheels and forks mean it is very easy use, and the brakes are fully adjustable. All wear and tear parts can be replaced and the whole rollator can be safely hosed down for cleaning.

Tested and approved to rollator standard EN ISO 11199-2  and to EN ISO 10993-5 for biocompatibility.