Waterproof (IP68) outdoor battery charger 24V for mobility scooters

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Waterproof charger for scooters and wheelchairs

  • Safe to use outdoors exposed to rain
  • Standard 3-pin round output connector
  • Fully automatic for batteries 10Ah to 50Ah capacity
  • British made to very high specification that enhances battery life


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This sophisticated UK manufactured charger is completely automatic and can be safely left plugged in outdoors to maintain the battery charge in your scooter or wheelchair. It is fitted with the standard 3-pin round connector used on practically all mobility scooters.

In addition to the usual three-stage charging cycle, this charger has a soft-start phase that extends battery lifespan and a recovery phase that may enable deeply discharged batteries to be recovered.


Simply connect to the charging point on the scooter or battery pack, plug the charger into the mains and switch on.

IP68 Waterproof

The internationally recognised IP68 rating means that this charger has ingress protection against dust and immersion in water up to a depth of 1.5meters.  It is ideally suited for use outdoors where the charger may be exposed to rain.CE markings confirm that the charger meets all current European safety requirements.

UK Manufactured

This charger is manufactured to a very high specification in the UK. It is designed for safety with protection against dust and water ingress, overheating, short circuit and reverse battery connection.

It uses an automatic charging profile so that the charge rate automatically adjusts to the condition of the battery. The sophisticated 5-step charging cycle enables deeply discharged batteries to be restarted and includes a soft start phase that that extends battery life-span. This is followed by higher charging rates and reduces to a floating maintenance level once the battery is fully charged. This means that the charger can be left connected to maintain the battery without danger of over-charging.

Coloured LEDs show when power is connected, when the battery is charging, and when it is fully charged. They also indicate if the batteries are dead or deeply discharged.Supplied with 12-month warranty.


Charges and maintains all types of lead-acid batteries, including AGM, Gel, Wet and Cadmium-lead batteries. It utilises a 5-step charging program and safely functions in a fully automatic mode.

  • AC Input: 100 -264V 50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 24V
  • Charging current: 4A
  • Suitable for batteries 10Ah to 50Ah capacity
  • Output connector: 3 Pin Round XLR
  • IP protection: IP68 (waterproof immersion to 1.5 metre)
  • Automatic 5-step charge profile
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • Short-circuit and reverse polarity protected

Please note that the round 3-pin charger connection on most scooters is not waterproof, so this connection should be protected agianst water ingress.