Replacement Batteries for CareCo Mobility Scooters

Find the replacement battery for your CareCo branded mobility scooter here.

Sealed lead-acid batteriesSome scooters supplied by Careco are relabelled with their own brand name, but most are sold under the original brand names. Just click on the model name for your CareCo scooter to see our recommended replacement battery.
AirLite | AirLite 3 | Cruiser | Daytona XLR | Dynamo | Eclipse | Rascal P312SL | Titan | Victory | Zoom Plus

The replacement batteries are spill-proof 12V sealed AGM lead-acid batteries.  The size depends on the model of your scooter or wheelchair.

If you don’t see your scooter name listed here, please try our full listing of Replacement Scooter Batteries