Replacement batteries for GoGo Scooters

Most of the GoGo scooters use a pair of 12V 12Ah batteries as standard. To get more than 16% extra mileage from a single charge, you can use our 12V 14Ah as a drop-in replacement. Both batteries are the same physical size, 151 x 99 x 100mm and have the same standard push-fit connectors.

The GoGo Elite Traveller Plus is fitted with a larger battery box that takes a pair of 12V 18Ah batteries as standard. These can be upgraded further to 22Ah in the same size box. The 18Ah and 22 Ah batteries are (L) 181mm x (W) 76mm x (H) 167mm. This larger battery box may also be retro-fitted to some other models.

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GoGo 3, GoGo 4, GoGo Elite Traveller, GoGo Elite Traveller LX, GoGo Elite Traveller Plus, GoGo Elite Traveller Sport, GoGo ES8, GoGo Ultra

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