Replacement batteries for Rascal Scooters

Sealed lead-acid batteriesFind the replacement battery for your Rascal scooter. These are spill-proof 12V AGM sealed  lead-acid batteries. The size depends on the model of your scooter or wheelchair. Just click on the model name for your scooter to see our recommended replacement battery.

Rascal 388 Deluxe, Rascal 388 S, Rascal 388 Vantage, Rascal 388 XL, Rascal 850, Rascal 889,

Rascal Frontier, Rascal Liteway 3 Balance, Rascal Liteway 4 Plus, Rascal Liteway 8, Rascal Liteway Balance Plus,

Rascal P200, Rascal P301SL, Rascal P301SP, Rascal P312SL, Rascal P312SP, Rascal P320, Rascal P321, Rascal P327, Rascal P327 Mini, Rascal P327XL, Rascal P330D, Rascal P330S, Rascal Pioneer,

Rascal Vantage X, Rascal Vecta Sport, Rascal Ventura, Rascal Veo, Rascal Veo Sport, Rascal Veo X, Rascal Vision, Rascal WEGO