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Temporary Access Ramps

Access ramps can really help in getting in and out of the house, over thresholds and up and down steps.

Ramps come in a bewildering range of sizes and options, but whether you want something to help you over a threshold, or something to get a scooter or wheelchair up and down steps, we can help you select the most suitable solution.

Call us on 01780 763276.  We can help you best if you can give us some information about your needs.

Type of ramp

Large threshold ramp
A threshold ramp can get you safely over a doorway
  • Threshold ramp – to rise up and over a door threshold. Easily positioned and repositioned.
  • Portable ramps – folding or roll-up ramps that can be left in place or taken with you when visiting friends and family.
  • Semi- permanent ramps – these are generally fixed in position and can be supplied in modular sections, with options for handrails.


Channel ramp bag
Folding ramps can go in convenient carrying bags

To specify properly, you’ll need to let us know the measurements:

  • Height to be raised
  • If a doorway, the width of the opening
  • If a doorway, whether inward or outward opening
  • Available clear length from the doorway (if outward opening, this needs to be the distance clear from the door swing)

The maximum gradient generally accepted for wheelchair access is 1:12.

Roll up ramp
Roll up ramps can be made to any length and roll up for transport or storage

This means that to estimate the required length for a ramp, you multiply the rise x 12. For example, a small step, 100mm high requires a 1200mm long ramp.

If you prefer to use inch measurements, it’s even easier, because the rise in inches corresponds to the length in feet. Simple! A 6 inch rise, requires a 6 foot long ramp.

Loading capacity

Ramps can be built for any loading capacity, and longer ramps may need additional supports at intervals along the length, so it’s always worth talking to us about your exact requirements.

Contact us

ramp with handrail
Robust moulded ramps are available with or without handrails

Give us a call on 01780 763276, or pop into the shop and talk to us. We are always happy to help.

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